Matt 'Splat' Evans

Freelance Technical Consultant

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About Me

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A dash of eccentric british engineering with out of the box thinking wanting to push the boundaries of technology.

Formally trained as a mechatronics & electronics engineer later concentrating on embedded electronics and paying the bills by freelancing as a network engineer during my university years. After university I spent a number of years working in electronics, revolving heavily in prototype design and design for manufacture, bringing peoples crazy dreams to the marketplace while keeping the busy office IT infrastructure running.

These days you can find me still bringing crazy ideas to fruition in the esports and broadcast industries. Predominantly specialising in network engineering and global broadcast distribution technologies, but not afraid to get my hands dirty flipping cases, rigging cable or looking after CO2 cannons.

I have had a lot of varied experience over the years with many different technologies in a number of industries, helping teams of talented specialists work together to produce world class results. However, being a writer and marketing expert is not a skill I claim to possess, so drop me a call or a message and let’s discuss your next crazy project.

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Personal Note

Matt Evans

More then a few times I have asked myself
'Ooo what does this button do?' and
'What happens if we flip this on its head and try this?'

If your after someone that likes taking a fresh look at a challenge then drop me a message and lets see what havok we can bring to your industry.

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Leicester, UK


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